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The Bär/Bähr Family Association was founded in 14/6/1992. The Family Association’s purpose is to cherish the family’s traditions reaching back to Denmark and to contribute to the sense of belonging among the members by organizing meetings, collecting and archiving information related to the family, unravelling the family’s history and making the results of its research available to the members, and continuously updating the list of family members.

An important communication channel in our task is this homepage, the purpose of which is not only to provide the members with information about the family, but also to bring to life stories of past generations: to help us in getting to know our own roots.

Two of the children of Johan Christian Beer/Bæhr (1765-1811), a restaurant owner from Copenhagen, Christianshavn that is the progenitor of the Bär/Bähr family’s Finnish branch, have moved to Finland.

The Family tree in Finland that already has well over a half thousand members consists of the offspring of the barrel master’s apprentice Nicolai Ernst Bähr (1800-1857), the carpenterErnst Frederik Bär (1810-1891), and his son, the merchant and farmer Johan Adolf (Jobben) Bähr (1829-1896).


The president of the Bär/Bähr Family Association is:

Anna-Maija Eskonen

Address: Säynätsalontie 19, 40530 Jyväskylä, Finland

Tel. Int. +358 50 495 4628